old line Queensland heelers

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We have a limited health guarantee on the pups that if a pup has genetic defect that was not noticeable as a young pup we will replace the pup with a new pup from our own dogs. we do not pay any vet bills, testing, medications, transportation, or any other expenses. only replace the pup with a pup from our own dogs. If you take the pup somewhere & it is exposed to any disease & gets sick it is not our fault, we would not replace it. Our adult dogs are vaccinated & non exposed to any outside dogs or outside people so they do not get exposed to any Disease's, (does not include parasites). Keep all puppies under 4 months old whether they are vaccinated or not away from other dogs & peoples feet, where people walk, door knobs & handles you touch, or most anything that people or animals touch that has any disease on them can be a direct exposier to Diseases, places like public parking lots, parks, dog parks & especially shelters, vet clinics, boarding kennels, groomers, places of any kind of events are prime places for disease. we do genetic testing on our parent dogs for PRA, PLL ,DM the 3 most common genetic defects in the heeler breed. 


we use a ground shipper. we no longer ship on airlines.